Sadly, winter break has ended and it’s back to school for the next few months until March. Even though there is plenty of time to prepare for your spring break trip, it’s never a bad time to start shopping for the perfect vacay wear! Whether your going to the sunny side in Puerto Rico, or the Rock Mountains, versatile pieces that can be worn more than once are key. So, jeans or a black cami are a must, but what about something that can be worn 2 ways? Scarves are a great example! You can make them a belt, a skirt, a top, or simply wear it as a scarf! But if you’re looking for something that requires less time and effort, go for a skirt that can be worn as a dress! Available at Nordstrom, there are tube dresses that double as trendy skirts and are super easy to pack! As a dress, I paired my black and white patterned one with a leather jacket, bedazzled flip flops, and a silvery clutch! Easy, cute, and versatile! What more could one want?Image