There’s nothing better than freshly trimmed hair and color! That’s why I was thrilled to have my own restyled and updated last weekend! Razored layers and bright highlights were just what I needed to kick off spring! Anyway, army style is all the rage right now. Seventeen has filled a dozen pages sporting this tough look! Though I’m not crazy for camo, I decided to take on the trend in a different way. Beginning with basic boot leg jeans from Express, I added a pink lacy T (also from Express) for a girly approach. Keeping a mutual balance between fun and fierce, I pulled on an army green jacket with 3/4 sleeves and big pockets and a twisted brown leather belt (both from A&F). Although I could’ve pulled on my beloved combat boots, I slid into a strappy flip flop heel and called it spring! Then, I put on a brown leather cuff and grabbed a beige clutch and headed out!Image