Teal We Meet Again

According to Rachel Zoe, teal is the best way to shake up your look this holiday season! From nail polish to eyeliner, it’s an unexpected yet refreshing twist to the typical red lip or rosy cheeks. This color looks great on all eye colors and skin tones and adds exuberance to any look. When using teal, however, don’t create a tealtastrophe! Go with an eyeshadow or liner and keep the rest of your makeup neutral for a simple pop. Image


Hipster Disney Princesses

Hipster Disney Princesses

This photograph I found on Instagram made me think of how fashion and fantasies have changed over the years. Referring to the Disney movies where princesses wore puffy ball gowns and glass slippers, this modern version of the characters made me see how to incorporate old fashions with today’s trends. It inspired me to design my own collection of hipster Disney princesses and blend two complete different styles into one outfit harmoniously.

India Eyes

india eyes

Scrolling through Instagram the other day, I came across this photograph and fell in love with it! From the beaded headdress to the dramatic eyes, I felt totally inspired! The intricate accessory’s in the model’s hair interest me and the hint of the veil looks so delicate and dainty. Whenever I get inspiration from a cultural piece, my mind swirls with possibilities of a new collection. Also, noticing her strong eyes, I would say, quoting Tyra Banks, that she’s definitely “smizing.” Her shimmery gold eyeshadow is something I adore, too. In fact, I liked it so much that I went to Sephora and snagged a shade similar to this one! It’s actually from the Sephora Collection Brand and is called Tiny Bubbles. For $12, I got the same shimmery finish as the model’s and it still looks natural and crease free by the end of the day!


Porsche’s and Pumps

A picture that I found totally inspiring on Instagram was the bottom half of a cherry red Porsche Carrera GTS with a pair of patent leather black pumps in front of the door. Not only did I love the contrast, but I adored the whole high fashion concept of the photograph. I definitely got more of an edgy and wild vibe that really got my creative juices flowing and resulted in a new collection that I sketched out! The cross between flirty and daring sparked amazing ideas for me. I hope it inspires you, too!porsche and shoes

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope all of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving break! I know I definitely did! I only wish I didn’t eat as much as I did and have to experience that overly stuffed feeling… Anyway, for my Thanksgiving, my family went out to a nice restaurant and, being me, I HAD to look like a superstar for all of the pictures that my mom makes me pose for! So, I chose something that would be slimming even when I felt anything but! I decided on a bandaged black dress with thick straps and a sweetheart style neckline. To jazz it up, I wore a pair of silver sparkly heels and a matching clutch. I always like to bring a jacket with me (just in case!), so I brought along a metallic leather jacket. As for jewelry, I threw on a Tiffany’s necklace for a pop of color and was good to go!

ImageQUICK TIP: to appear thinner in pictures, angle your body to the side and twist your top half to face the camera! It works every time!

My Highlights

Last week, I dyed my hair for the first time in my life and, I must admit, I was pretty nervous about it. I was only getting a few highlights, but losing even those few strands of my natural hair color freaked me out a bit. After sitting in the salon chair for a good two hours, I was able to leave Capelli’s Hair Salon happy with my new blonde hair. It really lightened up my face and gave my complexion a new glow! I felt the urge to wear my hair in beachy waves the next day at school! I now enjoy my vibrant look that matches my new, happy vibe!

America’s Next Top Model

Okay, I don’t know if you adore America’s Next Top Model as much as I do, but, if you do, isn’t it amazing?? I love the haute couture photo shoots that Tyra Banks sets up for each episode! Last seasons Americans verses the Brits was totally hard core! Seeing all of the models that I loved and hated reunited in a new lodge house. As for the judges, I’ve got to say, Ms. J. Alexander is definitely my favorite! She tells everything straight up and makes me laugh! Back to the pictures, one that I adored was the one where the girls went underwater adorned with golden pearls and accessories. I liked the whole mermaid aspect of it and the way the water moved the models hair! Image picture from:http://paddylastinc.com/2010/09/24/america’s-next-top-model-cycle-15-episode-4-underwater-beauty-shoot/